A Tale of Love and Diamonds

A Tale of Love and Diamonds

Avira Diamonds

How often is it that we see a couple embraced in each other's arms, shortly after they have accepted each other for what presumably may be an eternity?

A sight no longer uncommon where we see a man on his knees, waiting to pop the question he says with a weight on his shoulders and love in his heart as he hopes to hear the one word that will change his and his partner's lives forever. And while the world may stand still for the couple at that moment, the focus stays on them and on what lies at the centre of it all. A glorious sparkling diamond is placed on a ring that holds a promise that symbolises the love the couple share.

What has now become the gold standard for professing one’s undying love, the story behind diamonds being the messenger of long-term commitment is one that has moistened many an eye, while also doing justice to signify a moment in people's lives where love triumphs all odds. Though the tradition to use the gem for an engagement dates back to the 15th century, the message remains, that the relationship is strong enough to last forever, much the same way as the diamond does. 

Now, as the popularity of the stone skyrocketed since the clever “A Diamond is forever” campaign by DeBeers diamonds, people have lined up at stores, with the hope to capture their emotions perfectly in the jewellery they pick for their loved ones. Diamonds, which are traditionally seen as a symbol of purity, faithfulness, love and innocence, earn their value from the high-pressure environment they grow in. However, over the years, the need to satisfy the demands of lovers and admirers has put great strain on the mines around the world. A strain that has often led to diamonds that aren’t quite good enough for jewellery.

Keeping that in mind, and with a committed endeavour to ensure your loved ones are able to wear a symbol of your affection with pride, at Avira Diamonds, we cater to your needs by offering you the most beautiful designs that capture the true meaning of your love. Our carefully curated diamonds, which are produced in labs that mimic the conditions of earth, form diamonds that are at par in quality while protecting the planet we live in. Our majestic range of eternal jewellery is sure to make you stand out from the crowd while you flaunt your love with pride, creating memorable moments that last a lifetime.

At Avira Diamonds, we celebrate the idea of love and our Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery is a true testament to that celebration. With pendants and bracelets, or earrings and rings, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to you choosing your expression for love. All these options and more await you and your special someone, that too at prices which go easy on your pocket while scoring top marks for quality.

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