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Avira Diamonds – India’s Finest Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Brand

Jewellery has always been a beloved accessory for women since it highlights their elegance and defines their personal style. It has changed from an accessory to an expression of character and principles. It now represents one's beliefs in this transformational path, appealing to modern women's desires for responsibility and beauty.

Jewellery has been woven into the fabric of societies for millennia, serving as a sign of customs, occasions, and treasured memories. It has changed smoothly, embracing innovation while clinging to its inherent value. According to the proverb, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," and diamond jewellery has, in fact, long been a prized possession of women. It is a sign of elegance and grandeur and comes in a wide range of categories, each more alluring than the last. Diamond jewellery designs have effortlessly changed to mirror the most recent trends and fashions, keeping up with the rapidly changing fashion industry.

With the introduction of lab grown diamonds in India, the industry for diamond jewellery has undergone significant change. In Chennai, this transformation finds its epitome in Avira Diamonds, India's Finest Lab Grown Diamond destination. Our journey doesn't merely represent a shift in jewellery preferences; it embodies a celebration of ethical luxury. We are a pillar of serenity and quality in the field of lab grown diamond jewellery amid the bustling culture of Chennai and all of Tamil Nadu.

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Join forces with Avira Diamonds, a leading lab grown diamond jewellery brand through our FOCO model based on Franchise in Lab Grown Diamonds. Let's redefine jewellery verse and make every moment shine together.

What’s In Store At Avira Diamonds?

Experience the revelation of our thoughtfully curated online collection, a celebration of every individual's distinct essence.

Diamond Earrings:

Uplift and level up your personal style with our exquisite Lab Grown Diamond Earrings. Crafted with precision, each piece embodies timeless elegance, adding a subtle sparkle to your everyday moments. Discover a collection created to enhance your uniqueness and capture the spirit of contemporary refinement.

Diamond Pendants:

Adorn your neckline with grace and radiance through our Lab Grown Diamond Pendants. Each pendant is a masterpiece in itself and is a work of art intricately designed to radiate your inner aura. Express yourself with a piece that elegantly reflects your style and celebrates your individual charm.

Diamond Rings:

Discover the allure of Lab Grown Diamond Rings, where each ring represents a special journey. Our exclusive rings, which range from traditional solitaires to elaborate creations, speak of commitment and love. Choose a piece that resonates with your story that captures special experiences for all time.

Diamond Bracelets:

Wrap your wrist that radiates an alluring personality with our Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets. Our dynamite selection features adaptable styles, from delicate to standout pieces, to enhance your every movement. Add a flash of brilliance that expresses your own style to your outfit to make it better.

Diamond Necklace and Earring Set:

Discover the seamless synergy of our Lab Grown Diamond Necklace and Earring Set assortment. These sets have been carefully chosen to go well together, highlight your elegance as a whole, and create a symphony of elegance that heightens your appeal.
Explore a world of stunning lab grown diamond jewellery with Avira Diamonds. Each piece celebrates your individual journey and captures the essence of individuality. Enjoy the lavishness of well-balanced beauty as the pieces will elegantly tell the unique tale of your life.

Customer Review


Soila was awesome her service was excellent. Inisha and Depika was also so helpful. Suresh gave me good pricing and I’ll definitely be back.This is my DIV element. Tq

Rafael Robinson

This is my first visit in Avira Diamonds showroom. It’s a Lab Grown Diamonds is good investment as well as 100% Exchange value also.

Aamir Khan

I love the way the store looks and the staff is very warm and welcoming. If you're shopping for gold in T.Nagar. I would suggest you pay this place a quick visit. It'll be worth your time.

Ryoesshh Mo

I had my great experience in buying diamond for first time , but Avira made that so simple , awesome staffing mainly assistant manager Robinson was tooo politely handled me.

Roshni Nargunavelan

Amazing service, we had ordered a customised bracelet, which we wanted within a week, they had delivered it exactly the way we wanted the bracelet to be. The staff are great and their designs are exceptional.

Sathappan Sreenivasan

My 1st experience with lab grown diamonds and thankfully I landed at right place. Avira diamonds walked me through the process and enlightened me with the right choice.

Lab Grown Diamonds in Tamil Nadu

Avira Diamonds sets itself apart with a stunning line of lab grown diamond jewellery that is beautifully made to capture the splendor of nature. Our commitment to ethical elegance and quality sets us apart as India's Finest Lab Grown Diamond destination.

We proudly present a range of exquisite lab grown diamond jewellery, including:

  • Lab Grown Diamond Earrings
  • Lab Grown Diamond Rings
  • Lab Grown Diamond Pendants
  • Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets
  • Lab Grown Diamond Necklace and Earring Sets.
  • Our Lab Grown Diamond Rings are meticulously designed to capture the spirit of the modern woman – delicate yet resilient, intricate yet strong. These rings become an extension of your unique story, reflecting dedication, love, and cherished memories.

    Absolutely! Our jewellery collection is versatile and well-suited for various occasions. Whether it's a formal event or a casual outing, these pieces add a touch of elegance and charm to both special moments and everyday life.

    Avira Diamonds celebrates ethical luxury by offering a diverse collection of lab grown diamond jewellery. Each piece resonates with responsible sourcing, ensuring that your choice reflects the legacy of lab grown diamonds in Chennai.