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Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets: Embrace Luminous Luxury!

A diamond bracelet is not just a piece of ornament- it’s an embodiment of fashion & elegance. Each intricate link & shimmering gemstone reflects the essence of opulence & grace. With its dazzling allure, a perfect diamond bracelet is a symbol of timeless touch, effortlessly enhancing any occasion & making you shine brighter than ever before.

Choosing the perfect lab grown diamond bracelet is like finding a sparkling companion that complements your every move. It’s a reflection of your unique style & a symbol of elegance. When it comes to finding the finest bracelets of diamonds, look no further than Avira Diamonds a certified diamond jewellery provider. Our commitment to exceptional quality & aesthetic beauty shines through our exquisite collection of diamonds available for convenient online purchase. Each diamond at Avira diamond is a fusion of unparalleled craftsmanship & unsurpassed luxury. Let our diamonds become a part of your story, forever enchanting & radiating with sheer magnificence.

Discover Our Exclusive Collection Of Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets

Explore a collection of labs grown diamond wrist adornments that will captivate your senses. From traditional diamond bangles to stylish lab grown diamond bracelets for women and men, each piece is meticulously designed to embody the beauty of nature.

  • Mens Bracelets- Get a touch of sophistication with our exclusive collection of Lab grown diamond mens bracelet. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, our mens bracelets are crafted to empower you with confidence & make a bold statement wherever you venture. Make an impression with our exceptional collection & let your style speak for itself.
  • Women Bracelets- Enjoy the timeless beauty of gemstone bracelets with the elegance & versatility of our collection. You can choose from a wide range of gold, diamond, and platinum bracelets to express your personality or make a meaningful gift. Whether it’s your wedding day or a traditional celebration, our design of lab grown diamond women bracelet caters to your style & preference.

Lab grown diamond Bracelets: How to Identify Them as Real or Fake?

Choosing an authentic lab grown diamond bracelet is crucial in an age filled with captivating gems. Make an informed decision & add a brilliant sparkle to your wrist.

  • Scratch Test- Gently scratch the surface of the diamond against a mirror or a glass panel & see if it creates scratches. If it emerges unscratched, then the diamond is real. Their durability & resistance to scratches ensure a lasting companion.
  • Ask for Certification- Make sure you get an authentic grading certificate from a reputable gemological laboratory. The certificate will prove your bracelet contains lab grown diamonds.
  • Check the facet- Discover the brilliance & authenticity of lab grown diamond bracelets by examining their meticulous cut. The precision and consistency of the cut reflect the genuineness of the gemstones. Beware of the irregularities in the facets & let the radiance of the genuine diamonds adorn your wrist with timeless elegance.
  • Sparkle Test- Observe the diamond under different lighting conditions. Genuine lab grown diamonds exhibit a white or gray sparkle, whereas the fakes may display a rainbow-like hue. Therefore, a genuine diamond can be distinguished by paying attention to the sparkle.
  • Look for the hallmark- The hallmark on the bracelet indicates the purity & authenticity of the metal used. Beware of bracelets that lack a hallmark or have a suspicious one, as it indicates that the bracelet is not genuine.
  • Consider the Price- A Diamond’s value can only be determined by its market price. Be careful about deals that seem too good to be true and make an educated diamond purchase by being diligent and knowledgeable.
  • Reputable Jeweler- Choose a trusted jeweler with certified lab grown diamond jewellery. Look for renowned certifications such as IGI, SGL & BIS to ensure the authenticity of your purchase. By buying from a reputable jeweler, you have peace of mind that you are investing in genuine lab grown diamond bracelets.


1. What is lab grown bangle bracelet?

A stunning piece of jewellery that features a bangle-style design adorned with lab grown diamonds. With their exquisite design & dazzling brilliance, these bracelets add a touch of luminous luxury to any ensemble.

2. Lab grown diamond bracelets: A better choice than mined diamonds?

A lab grown diamond is an excellent choice for bracelets due to its exceptional quality & ethical sourcing. Its brilliance, beauty, & hardness are similar to mined diamonds. Ditch the traditional and embrace the future of luxury with bracelets grown in the lab. Make a statement that sparkles & shows your commitment to ethical & stylish jewellery.

3. From where to get your customized diamond bracelets?

With Avira Diamonds Lab Grown Diamonds in India, you have the freedom to create your own personalized diamond bracelet. Choose the metal type, diamond shape, carat weight, & design to create your own unique vision to life. Personalize your style and let it radiate with a design as unique as you.

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