INTRODUCING Sparkling Vira



Sparkling Vira is a special chit fund that has been exclusively crafted to help our patrons buy their favourite diamond jewellery.

You pay a monthly fixed amount for 11 months and at the end of the year you can redeem your savings with an additional bonus of 1.5 months

1st month 3000 3000
2nd month 3000 6000
3rd month 3000 9000
4th month 3000 12000
5th month 3000 15000
6th month 3000 18000
7th month 3000 21000
8th month 3000 24000
9th month 3000 27000
10th month 3000 30000
11th month 3000 33000
12th month 4500 37500

Save. Plan. Invest

Terms and Conditions

Sparkle Vira is a diamond jewellery booking scheme. NO Refund of money is allowed under any circumstances under this scheme.

Any person subscribing to the Sparkle Vira Plan should be 18 years or above and should be a resident Indian.

Minimum booking amount is Rs.3000/-.There is no ceiling for the maximum amount and a copy of Pan is to be furnished for amount exceeding Rs.2,00,000/- and TDS will be applicable.

At the time of joining the scheme, the member may appoint a Nominee by furnishing KYC of both self and Nominee.

In Case of balance amount if any left out in the scheme account after adjusting the purchase price, only various other items shall be made available for the members to purchase, Balance amount will not be refunded in cash.

The original membership Bond has to be surrendered at the time of redemption. The person who has signed the original membership bond should sign on the invoice at the time of purchase/redemption.

In case of change in address, loss of membership bond, the company should be kept informed without any loss of Time.

The applicable GST has to be fully borne by the member. In case of increase in Taxes or introduction of new levies/Taxes, the same shall also be fully borne by the member. The company reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole of the priviliges of the scheme without prior notice or suspend the scheme at any time. In such an event, money will not be refunded and the member shall purchase any diamond jewellery at the showroom.

If you choose to terminate or cancel the subscription, you will be entitled to purchase any product(s) f rom the Website or stores operated by the company using the amount already paid by you. You will not be entitled for refund of the monthly installments or any portion thereof, paid by you towards the Plan

This Scheme is unique and cannot be clubbed with any other existing schemes or offers. All Disputes are subject to Jurisdiction of the competent courts in Chennai.