Environmentally Friendly Has a nice ring to it.

Environmentally Friendly Has a nice ring to it.

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Engagement rings are a big deal.

They represent the tangible fulfillment of alifelong dream, and everyone yearns to find their life partner. When thatmoment happens, your significant other slips the engagement ring on your fingerand you can finally say: "I'm engaged!"

But what if you don't want to settle for something less? What if you'relooking to get the most out of your ring?

Thanks to new technology, now you can have it all—the best quality diamonds,at the lowest possible price.

The fact is, in order to get the most out of your diamond engagement ring,you need to make sure it's as close to perfect as possible. And because diamonds are so expensive, and there just aren't enough workers laboring tobring them into existence, this doesn't always happen. That's why moderntechnology has come along: It allows us to fulfill our dreams of having theperfect engagement ring without breaking the bank!

With new path breaking technology we're able to create beautiful lab-growndiamonds that share the same characteristics as as their mined parts but at onethird the costs. You can either get diamond the same since at a lower cost orchoose to increase the size of your diamond - you'll get more for your money.

Are you ready to quit buying mined diamonds?

We think so. Mined diamonds usually produce 5,798 pounds of mineral waste, 125 pounds ofcarbon emission, nearly 100 sq. ft. of disturbed land and 538.5 million joules of energy required for every carat. And we're not just talking about environmental impact—they're also incredibly expensive!

Let's face it: we're all looking for ways to get more bang for our buck when it comes to our purchases. Luckily, there's a way out—and it doesn't involve going without diamonds.

The solution is simple: buy lab-grown diamonds!

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