The sparkling rise of the lab grown diamonds india - A Comprehensive Guide

The sparkling rise of the lab grown diamonds India: A comprehensive guide

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Diamonds will always hold an incomprehensible and irreplaceable place in the human heart. In fact, these are perhaps the only gem group that has stood against the test of time and remained priceless since the beginning of time. Yet not everyone can possibly afford the natural diamonds, owing to their excessively high price. Rather than settling for artificial diamonds which are no where as charming as the natural ones, buying lab grown diamonds India will somewhat make you feel at ease.

While not many are aware of lab diamonds India, you cannot overlook the fact that these have gained a huge popularity in recent times. They are engineered under special conditions and grown from a small piece of natural diamond, which is why they retain all the chemical and physical properties of the seedling. In fact, it is quite difficult to differentiate between a lab grown and natural diamond with naked eyes. So, given the whopping rise in their popularity, we have curated a comprehensive guide for you on lab grown diamonds India.

How are lab grown diamonds engineered in India?

Now that we have started talking about the lab grown diamonds, you might be eager to learn about the manufacturing process. It is natural for the inquisitive human mind to become curious about the truth behind something as special as the lab grown diamonds India. Therefore, in this following section, we have briefly described the two common methods implemented for growing the lab diamonds from the seedlings.

High pressure/ High temperature (HPHT)

Introduced during 1950s, HPHT involves growing of an engineered diamond from a natural seedling by using a metal flux mix and carbon starting material. Usually, graphite is used as the starting material due to its chemical composition and easy availability in the market. As for the metal flux mix, a combination of iron, nickel, and cobalt is used for reducing the chamber temperature.

The original physical conditions are replicated by maintaining a pressure of 59200 atm and temperature varying between 1300 and 1600 degrees Celsius. This facilitates the deposition of the carbon atoms from the graphite onto the natural diamond seedling, resulting in the lab grown diamond.

Carbon vaporization

Most lab grown diamonds Chennai are manufactured using carbon vaporization or CVD process, thereby ensuring optimal product quality. Here, the chamber’s interior is filled with a gaseous mixture, compromising of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. A substrate made from graphite or a natural diamond seedling is also added.

The interior temperature is increased to a whopping value of 900 degrees Celsius through the use of hot filament or laser technology as per the tooling setup. Thanks to this high temperature, carbon atoms vaporize from the gaseous mixture and forms a precipitate around the substrate, resulting in the formation of lab grown diamonds India.

What led to the popularity rise of lab grown diamonds in India?

Whether you visit a diamond jewellery store in VR Mall Chennai or Phoenix Mall, you are bound to catch a glimpse of lab grown diamonds and related products on display. Given the rapid increase in the gem’s popularity, the sight shouldn’t be surprising for you. But the question that remains prominent here is why these diamonds grown in the laboratories have gained such an immense fame that people prefer them over the natural diamonds. To answer this, below we have listed a few factors that aptly justify the skyrocketing popularity of the lab grown diamonds India.

Affordable pricing models

One of the contributing factors to the growing popularity of the gem is the lab grown diamonds price. Compared to the natural diamonds, these are quite affordable and can be bought without forming a dent in the pocket. Despite having cheaper price rates, they do not have compromised quality or altered chemical and physical properties. So, investing in the lab grown diamonds is a credible move you can make if you love wearing sparkling lab grown diamond earrings or necklaces.

Indistinguishable looks

When you visit a diamond jewellery store in T.Nagar Chennai and stare at the products on display, there’s no way you can expertly differentiate between a natural and lab synthesized diamond. That’s because the latter is manufactured by depositing carbon atoms from a pure source onto a small natural diamond seedling. Since the chemical composition and lattice structure are not altered, the lab grown sparkling gems retain the same properties. It renders them indistinguishable from the natural diamonds when observed with naked eyes.

Eco-friendlier and sustainable

One of the many reasons for the growing popularity of the lab grown diamonds India is their contribution towards a sustainable future. These are manufactured in the labs and the environment is not compromised in the process. There’s no need to cut down acres of forest land or excavate the earth to find natural diamond pieces in the coal mines. As a result, the negative impacts on the environment can be significantly reduced by increasing the supply of lab grown diamonds across India.

Final thoughts

The only difference between natural and lab grown diamonds India is the way they are formed. Other than this, you won’t find any significant dissimilarity between them. So, investing in the lab grown gems will help you enjoy the feel and charisma of the natural diamonds while ensuring your pocket doesn’t become the sufferer. And when you have Adani Diamonds, buying lab grown gems will certainly be a bonanza for you!



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