This Diwali let the sparkles bring joy to you and our planet

This Diwali let the sparkles bring joy to you and our planet

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With the festive season hanging thick over our heads, October seems to be packed with the frenzy of celebrations. The country, now entering that time of the year where every other week is followed up by yet another reason to venerate our ancestors and traditional customs, the biggest and flashiest festivals of them all soon beckons our attention. Diwali or Deepavali is a festival everyone knows as the festival of lights, the day where good triumphs evil, brightness shines on darkness, victory of knowledge over ignorance, the metaphors can go on and on. But at the core of it all remains a very simple and truly remarkable occasion.

One where we all come together, family and friends alike, to celebrate all things good in the world. A cultural gala that has continued in this wonderfully diverse country for centuries, with families passing on traditions aimed at bringing in prosperity and longevity in all our households. And over the years, as we have never skipped a beat to celebrate to our hearts content, the festival of lights evolved into one of noise and pollution. The traditional lamps and rangolis replaced by crackers and rockets that, no doubt cast a colourful spectacle in the skies above, but in turn leaves behind a trail of waste and ruin the day after. But all is not lost, as we now find ourselves in moments of new beginnings, with generations across the old and young more awakened to fighting the evils of noise and pollution, to replace them with the goodness of mother earth's generous resources. What has now become more than common discourse, environmentally conscious and sustainably aware practices not only bring out the true meanings of the festivities, that adorn the days of Diwali, but also hold on to our values, here at Avira. To use nature's precious resources carefully while enhancing the beauty it offers.

To that extent, it is our endeavour to share all things good for the environment you can do celebrate this Diwali in the true spirit of victory of good over evil. With the festivities around the corner, we thought it best to share with you alternate options for your preparation this Diwali

Sparkle with Virtue

Now that you’ve dressed yourself up for the day and are ready to add to the glow of the lights around you, you can’t forget to don some exquisite jewellery. You don’t need to look too far if you want jewellery that not only makes a style statement but also sends out a message that these sparkles aren’t just pretty but also virtuous. At Avira Diamonds, Our Lab Grown Diamonds in Chennai are best in class, and so remarkably authentic, that it is almost impossible to call them apart from conventionally mined diamonds. Not only are our diamonds safe for the environment, but they also cost a third as much as the regular gems and with the skilful artisanry of our designers, our jewellery sets are bound to fetch you more than a few compliments.

At Avira, our aim is to provide you crafted perfection with no guilt of harming the environment and leaving you with the satisfaction of an ornament that honours your mission of making the earth a safer greener place. So keep an eye out for our exclusive deals this festive season. We wish you a safe, clean and green Diwali and we hope that this Diwali brings you prosperity, wellness and a renewed hope as we come together to shine light on our  collective tomorrows.

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