Love in the 21st century is memorable, sustainable & forever beautiful

Love in the 21st century is memorable, sustainable & forever beautiful

Avira Diamonds

While making your last-minute preparations or finalising the last detail of your plan for your partner, take a step back and look at where you’ve both come along in your respective journeys. The day of 14th February is a day that is etched in every lover's mind as the most memorable day to profess their love for each other.

With all this happening in your mind, why not make this Valentine’s day even more memorable for you and your better half?

We at Avira, welcome you to the new-age love story, one where beauty is magnified through the sustainable thoughts of our designers. Skilled craftsmen who take on the role of scientists, enter a lab, work their magic and create a gemstone we all know and love. The lab-grown diamond, after going through the temperatures and pressures mimicking earth, are then shaped and designed to suit the needs and wishes of your expression of love.

The future of love stories lies in lab-grown diamonds, and they offer the perfect solution for those looking for affordable, sustainable, and meaningful jewellery. 

In addition to being easy on the pocket and good for the planet, the diamonds are incredibly beautiful. Available in a variety of cuts, shapes, colours and clarity grades, the perfect piece of jewellery that suits your personality is only a few choices away. Take a moment to celebrate this special time of the year when thoughtful decisions bring joy to your better half. Buying jewellery is not just the act of entering a store, choosing a piece and paying for it. It carries a message, a promise of commitment, a symbol of love that you offer in appreciation for the times spent together, and the memories new and old created by the both of you. It is no lie when they say, diamonds are a woman’s best friend. It’s a companion that she holds dear with her for the rest of her life, one that reminds her of the bond that she shares with you. 

Technology has made our lives easier, and as the generation that finds itself surrounded by rapid modernisation on a daily basis, the time has come to adopt the same thinking when we purchase jewellery.

Avira Diamonds offers you a way to browse our collection that helps you decide what you want from the comfort of your phone, and once you’re sure about what you want, you can always come to our stores and get your hands on the piece you select for your partner. Being the tech-savvy generation also means a lot more awareness and consciousness in our decisions. All this makes choosing lab-grown diamonds the obvious decision, one that your partner would appreciate allowing you to build a stronger bond with each other. One where you both share the same interests and care equally for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. 

Avira offers you the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love story with the person who is dearest to you. Whether it's you’re first anniversary or your 20th, let your love for each other transcends all barriers, with past arguments forgiven, future promises made in earnest and togetherness you are willing to share with each other. What better way to embrace the day of love than by sharing each precious moment with your loved one, with a beautiful piece of Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery that decks your loved one's neck, ears or even hands whether it’s a necklace, a gorgeous pair of earrings, or just a fabulous diamond bracelet.

At Avira, we look forward to playing a part in your new-age love story.

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